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{Abby}::Class of 2014

Abby gets the award for furthest drive for a session…she comes all the way from Virginia!  Okay, okay…she happened to be visiting family in these parts, and just happens to be my 3rd cousin, but still, what an honor that she and her awesome folks thought to do her senior portraits with me while she was here.  And oh man, we had fun!  Abby is such a mature, kind, funny, beautiful person and I truly enjoyed her company so very much.

Abby attends Chantilly High School in Virginia and says the best thing about High School is football games, drama department, and dances.

She says the worst thing about High School is the pressure to get good grades, look decent for school, and to be the best.

After High School Abby plans to attend college and major in interior design. 10 years from now she sees herself working in an interior design firm and married with at least a kid.  😀

Her favorite movie is ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Party Rock Anthem” will most remind her of her years spent at Chantilly.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, baking, and crafting.

Oh, hello gorgeous. 

Abby says she cannot live without her dog Bella, her phone, her iPod, and her beats (as in the headphone…totally had to google that). And also, N’Sync foreva!  😉

I love Abby’s advice for underclassmen as she is one of the most comfortable-in-her-own-skin young ladies I have ever met.  She says: Come into high school as yourself don’t try to be someone you’re not, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of new things and people, if you’re not true to yourself you could end up friending people who don’t have a good influence on you or you’ll be pressured into doing things you originally didn’t want to do.

😀 Had to include this one, it’s SO Abby.  You’re fun, by the way.

Doug and Eileen, this last one is for you. 🙂  I have always admired your parenting and your connection with Abby. It’s obvious you two have done an amazing job, thank you for being such amazing role models and congratulations to you all on Senior Year!  Much love to you all! xo

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