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The Dentist

02/26/2009 10:33
Cate had her first dentist appointment today and did great!! Corey took her and said that she was brave and funny and an awesome big girl. The only part that she didn’t like too much was “Mr. Thirsty” (the suction thingy). Both the hygienist and dentist were very impressed with her (of course).


St. Baldrick’s…In The News

02/23/2009 09:58
Just thought I’d share a nice article that was in The Massillon Independent today. I’ve been working hard to get some publicity for the big event, and was pleased with this article. Also…if you’re looking for a good laugh (or more evidence of what a dork I am) tune in to 101.7 on Tuesday, March 10th between 7am and 9am. I’ll be a guest co-host on the morning show, promoting St. Baldricks.

Heads will be shaved to honor memory of local girl, raise funds for cancer research
The Independent
Erin Pustay
Posted Feb 22, 2009 @ 08:36 PM

Abbey Foltz danced her way through life.
She smiled brilliantly, loved unconditionally, she lived every day as if it were the warmest, sunniest, happiest day she was given.
That’s how family and friends will always remember her.
“Abbey was an inspiration as far as living goes,” Massillon resident Jaime Lenhart said of her close childhood friend. “She proved how important it is to enjoy day-to-day life and appreciate what you have right now. Every day, I am surprised by the things I learned from her: Unconditional love and happiness and fun. These were the things she was able to give to me as a gift when she was here.”
In 2000, Abbey, a student at The Ohio State University, passed away after having battled cancer since the age of 14. Today, her family and friends celebrate her legacy by giving to others.
This year, Lenhart is working with Abbey’s mother, Nancy Foltz, and aunt Sue Stevenson to help raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research through the annual St. Baldrick’s Event.
Beginning at 1 p.m. March 15 at the Winking Lizard, 5710 Fulton Road N.W., more than 50 men, women and children are expected to shave their heads in order to contribute to the cause. The event works much like a walk-a-thon. Participants ask friends and family to donate before going bald for a good cause.
The goal is to raise $30,000 through the Winking Lizard event alone.
“Some people know somebody with cancer. Some are just inspired by the event and the kids we support,” Lenhart said of the people who have their heads shaved. “It’s really a great event. Some really exciting things happen every year … (because) you hear the stories people have to share. We laugh, we cry and we have a good time.”
There is no minimum donation to participate by having your head shaved. In fact, all area residents are invited to spend the afternoon at the Lizard, even if the clippers never touch their locks. A raffle and silent auction will be conducted throughout the afternoon and 10 percent of the restaurant’s food sales during the event will go toward the St. Baldrick’s cause.
“On top of being a great cause, it’s going to be really, really fun,” Lenhart said.
There is still time to get involved with the cause and sign up to have your head shaved to benefit childhood cancer research and support. Just go online to
Since 2000, the St. Baldrick’s organization has raised more than $51 million through local events held across the nation.
Abbey Foltz, a 1999 GlenOak High School Graduate, is honored every year by friends and family across Stark County through events such as St. Baldrick’s and a scholarship given annually to Plain Local grads.
This year, pianist Jim Brickman will perform a special concert at her alma mater to benefit the Plain Local Schools Foundation Arts Endowment Fund and the Abbey Foltz Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Tickets for the 7:30 p.m. show on April 23 are on sale now. Prices range from $250 meet-and-greet packages to $35 balcony seats.
For more information, go online to To purchase tickets, call 330-491-3860.

One more’s Corey’s latest “hair-shot”. :0) As he has said before the sacrifice for him is letting his hair get longer, he’s already looking forward to the big shave!
So handsome!


02/22/2009 08:48

Sleeping Beauty

02/20/2009 12:44
Cate is really good at making up songs and singing them too. Here’s one she’s named “Sleeping Beauty”. Enjoy.

Corey’s Girls

02/17/2009 05:01
This was my Valentines present from Jaime and I loved it. Is it smokey in here?

Valentine’s Gifts

02/15/2009 04:03
We spent Valentine’s Day doing what we love to do, spending time together. While the girls do love spending time with mommy and daddy, they really liked going to “Build-A-Bear” too. 🙂



Cate made a bunny, named “Cate” and insisted on shoes for her (that’s my girl!)


Anna made a big pink monkey. The best part was watching her carry her monkey (that is almost as big as her!)
all through the mall, it was SO cute.


Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day! <3


02/11/2009 01:59
If you’re thinking of supporting my head shaving hubby by donating to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, you can now donate to the team “Balds-In-Laws” and help my head shaving brother too! Corey and Jake have joined together to form a team, since they have so many mutual friends and family. This means that you can donate to their individual names, or the team and it will go to the same great place. Thanks SO much for ALL of your support.

And just so I don’t get in trouble for 2 posts in a row with no picts of my girlies…


St. Baldrick’s

02/08/2009 01:49
We’re about 5 weeks away from an event that is so important to us, St. Baldrick’s! If you haven’t yet had a chance, visit the St. Baldrick’s Website to learn more. You can also find Corey’s name (who is a “shavee” this year) and make a tax deductible donation to help him reach his goal of $1,000 for childhood cancer research.

Where does the money go?

St. Baldrick’s donors and volunteers made possible over $15 million in funding for childhood cancer research in 2008!* This includes 47 grants, as well as funding for 30 young doctors who will be tomorrow’s top researchers.

* Research grants are focused on finding new and better cures for childhood cancer.
* Infrastructure grants help institutions treat more kids on clinical trials (their best hope for a cure), or provide resources to make more research possible.
* St. Baldrick’s Fellows are new doctors training to specialize in pediatric oncology research, funded for 2-3 years. From 2005 to 2008, 25 St. Baldrick’s Fellows have been funded.
* St. Baldrick’s Scholars are pursuing exciting research, funded for 3 years or more. Because grant funds are so scarce, it is difficult for those early in their careers to compete with more established researchers. These grants keep new researchers focused on childhood cancer.
* Multi-institution grants include the cooperative research and laboratories of the 200-member Children’s Oncology Group, as well as consortiums of institutions working on pediatric brain tumors, neuroblastoma, and bone marrow transplants for childhood cancer patients.
* Foreign beneficiaries receive funds raised by St. Baldrick’s events held in their countries.

3 Little Monkeys

02/06/2009 08:39

Heat Wave

02/03/2009 03:31

We had a bit of a warm up on Monday, I think the high was almost 32! So, I took the kids out to play in the driveway.

They’re just SOOOOOOO cute!!!!

This is Cate and “Bustard”. Bustard is probably the closest thing my kids will ever get to a real pet. Cate takes good care of him when they are outside.
On that note, I think Cate might also have her first imaginary friend: “Ah”. She says her friend, Ah, “lives in France but likes to visit some times”. She and Cate “like to go to New York City together”. :0) So funny!

Riding off in the sunset…see you next sunny day, Bustard.

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