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03/26/2009 02:09
Throughout my days, I find myself trying to savor every single moment, every single cute little thing the girls do. I want to always remember what the girls look like at every age, what funny things they say and do, what they like to play with, and what makes them happy. Maybe that’s why I love photography so much? I guess I’m trying to freeze time, as time is what I see that is passing so very quickly.

I love this time in my life. My girls are so full of energy and life, so fun and funny, and so very loving. Anna is now 20 months, the age Cate was when Anna was born, it’s hard to believe. Anna is her very own little person. She is cuddly and loving. She is feisty and hard-headed. She has her own opinions and thoughts. Already, she has a great sense of humor and loves to giggle. She loves her big sister. She’s adventurous and has no fear. She loves to sing and dance. She’s a daddy’s girl.

Lately, she’ll ask you to pick her up, she’ll put her head down and then require that you sing “Twinkle Star”. She’ll talk on and on, jibber jabber mostly, then look at you and say, “Okay!” She loves listening to the birds outside. She loves to swing. She can count to 10. She loves drinking out of a big girl cup. She likes to “swim” in the tub. She’s already very good at pretending. She likes doing all things “big girl”.

I guess I love these images, because they are so Anna; inquisitive, flirty and overall, happy. I love how she’s holding her sippy, just the way she always does, in the first one. And I love how tiny her hand looks in the next…something I’ll never forget. Although missing from these images are her super silly, giggly sides. Don’t worry…they are coming soon!




I love Spring Break…

03/23/2009 08:44
…my oldest niece’s, that is. Her Spring Break means that I get to hang out with her for a few days and I love it so. She is kind, funny, smart, sweet, and great with her younger cousins and sister.


She put everyone’s hair in cute little pony-tails.


The CateVac 2000

03/21/2009 08:34
Check out our new vacuum…it works great and is really cute.


Love those little piggies!


03/19/2009 12:21
Can’t believe that it’s Thursday already! Anyway, here are some pictures from St. Baldrick’s on Sunday. It was such a great day, a great cause and so many great people came out. So far, the Canton event has raised $14,919.00, but it will still be some time until the final tally is ready. Thank you all so much for contributing.

Jake “before”.

Team “Balds-In-Laws”


The girls watching.






03/16/2009 08:12
Of course, I have LOTS of pictures…but here’s just a sneak peek. :0)

Our local newspapers were at the event. Here are the links to the articles.

The Canton Rep
If you click on “more related photos” on the left, you’ll see a picture of Jake.

The Massillon Independent
There was a photographer there…not sure where the photos are.


03/11/2009 09:51
Yay! Corey has just exceeded his goal of raising $1,000 for Childhood Cancer Research! Wow. I am constantly amazed at how caring and generous our family and friends are. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. If you’re reading this and feeling the love…why not donate to a great cause. I’ll make it easy for ya, just CLICK HERE.

In other news, I made my radio debut on Tuesday morning, as a guest co-host on a local radio morning show. Although it wasn’t exactly what I expected (off the air, anyway) I guess it went pretty well. Hopefully, it helped to raise more cash money.

The Lenhart house has been a busy little place. We just continue to count our lucky stars for our happiness, health, and togetherness.

Okay, last here are some random picts of Anna. These were actually taken a week or so ago when she was sick and graham crackers were all she would eat. And also, both of our kids are just SUPER messy eaters, I don’t know what it is!



Okay, one more thing (I told you this would be random!) Here’s one more picture of Cate, doing what she does best….talking. Bless her heart, this kid can talk and talk and talk…..

Why St. Baldrick’s?

03/08/2009 02:43
Why St. Baldrick’s?

Because it’s an excellent way to honor my friend, Abbey Foltz.

Because she taught me things about life that make me the person that I am today.

She taught me about living each day to the fullest.

She taught me that it’s okay to feel, really feel, happiness…sadness, that it’s all part of this experience called life.

Because St. Baldrick’s is a good time…Abbey always loved a party.

Because I’m a mom.

Because I want to show my girls how to be passionate about a cause, cherish a good friend, and that giving back is fundamental.

Because losing Abbey was awful and this makes it feel a little better.

Because I have to do something. St. Baldrick’s is a way of helping, a way of making a difference.


We simply can’t thank you all enough for your support. Remember, the Canton St. Baldrick’s event is this Sunday, March 15 from 1-5 at the Winking Lizard. 10% of all food sales during this time will go to the St. Baldrick’s foundation. There will be a silent auction and raffle. Jake are Corey are scheduled for their shave at 1:15. If you would like to contribute, visit

We love the library.

03/05/2009 08:15
We go to the library a lot. We love doing puzzles together and reading new books!DSC_0039DSC_0041

This picture is a little out of focus, but I just couldn’t resist that sweet face.

And what’s a trip to the library without running down the loooooong book isles. Look at those piggy-tails fly!

Cate loves to read.

Anna even got a little work done.

Our Beautiful Girls

03/01/2009 04:11


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