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Growing Girl

05/28/2009 03:28
See those cute little green shoes? Anna was just running around in them last week.
This week…they don’t fit! One week size 5 shoes, the very next, size 6!

And see those looooooong legs? Where did they come from?!
Where did my chubby-baby-roll-legs go?

Mouths To Feed

05/21/2009 06:53
Cate has taken to feeding her little sister her applesauce/yogurt/cottage cheese.
For now, Anna doesn’t seem to mind to much.


Look, Ma! No hands!


Being the animal lover that I am (HA!) I just had to get a picture of these little mouths. We have kept an eye on this nest and got to see the birds right after they hatched. Even though I’m no amimal lover, I just couldn’t help feeling proud for the new Mama Bird and her sweet babies. Well, if I’m being totally honest, I also thought they would make for a cool picture. 🙂

And now, just a few more pictures of my sweet babies playing in the sun.
(Thank you for returning, sunshine!)




05/17/2009 08:47
Remember those few days in April when it was 85 and sunny? Will that be back?
Will the warm weather ever come to stay? Sigh…
We even had the water table out!


Daddy’s Girl

05/14/2009 03:22
Anna is a Daddy’s Girl through and through. She’s also SUCH a sweetheart.
Lately, out of the blue, she’ll look at you and say “I duhh (love) you”. It’s so sweet.

Here’s a picture from (one of the many nights) when she insists on her Daddy to put her to bed.


Gardens and Grandmas

05/11/2009 08:36
We had a nice Mother’s Day picking out plants for our garden and planting them.




So, Anna is now wearing the clothes that Cate was wearing the summer she was born. And although she’s been wearing Cate’s clothes all along, this particular stage is, well, freaking me out a little. When did we get such a big girl?!
Anyway, check out this picture…
Does it look familiar?
Anyone else freaking out?!
I admit, the Anna picture this year, may have been, er, staged. :0)
(Oooooooooh and don’t you LOVE the quality difference in the pictures?! Yay for the Nikon D60!!!)

And then, dinner at Grandma’s house. Anna loves Gram.


At the end of the day I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture with my girls!
They were less than cooperative, but we got it! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day

05/07/2009 02:13
I have always known that my mom loves me. But I never knew just how much until I had kids of my own. I remember rocking Cate when she was just a tiny baby, staring at her, as I often did, and thinking, whoa! This is how much my mom loves me! Wow. My mom has always been my friend, my mothering mentor, and my rock. I love her so very much and am thankful for our amazing relationship every single day. Seeing her now as the grandma to my babies, is the icing on the cake. She’s awesome.
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

And while, you know, guys, aren’t as forward with their emotions….I happen to know that both Corey and I think the world of his Mama too. She’s fun and funny and always willing to lend a hand. She’s kind and caring and she loves us all so very much. She has a special way of tuning in to people, she knows just what everyone likes and dislikes. She takes the time to listen, really listen too. We can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve said, “We’re SO thankful our kids are so close to their grandparents.”
Happy Mother’s Day, Mama.

And so, this Sunday, I will enjoy a quiet day with my precious little family, and maybe spend a little time reflecting on the best gift my girls could ever give me, they’ve made me a mommy.

My beautiful “Happy Mother’s Day/Happy Last Day of the Semester” flowers. :0) Oh, and yes, school is done for the summer! I have LOVED teaching again and plan to return in the Fall, but for now, I’m going to enjoy, like every teacher should, my summer off.

Little Star

05/02/2009 09:10
A few weeks back I popped into Cate’s ballet class to grab a few shots of my beautiful ballerina. :0)
Here’s the “show” and a few of my favorites!







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