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Meet Emma

06/25/2009 10:35
After the photography workshop I attended in May, I came to realize that I was ready for some new challenges in my photography. Well, thanks to my friends, Kristin and Brett, I got one! They invited me over to take a few pictures of their beautiful baby girl, Emma.
I had SO much fun taking these pictures and was SO thankful for the opportunity! Although it was difficult to pick a few, here are my favorites, hope you enjoy!


Love that squishy newborn back!


Kristin was so calm with Emma, they were just beautiful together.


Emma is the little sister of Abigail, who is also a sweetie!


Riss and Tim…The Wedding

06/22/2009 09:28
Wow. What a beautiful wedding and a fun filled weekend! There is nothing better than seeing one of
your best friends so in love and so happy. Congratulations, Larissa and Tim!

The entire wedding party was so much fun! Here’s one of the girls at the rehearsal dinner.

The bride and her parents.

Believe it or not, I don’t have a single picture of Riss in her dress! The day was so busy that there just wasn’t time! But let me tell you that Rissa was positevly gorgrous. I mean, take-your-breath-away-beautiful.

…me playing wedding photographer. (And stalk the wedding photographer, I did.)

So after watching my friend walk down the isle, I learned that my one of my other best friends had her baby that very day! Congratulations Emily and Kevin!!! Emily was supposed to be in the wedding but graciously bowed out when she learned that she was pregnant. And what a good decision that was! Corey and I were thrilled to be among some of the first to hold the sweet baby girl when we stopped at the hospital in Columbus on the way home.

So, two best friends, one weekend, one wedding and one baby…I think I was still smiling when I went to bed.

Grabbed this picture from Kevin’s FB.

Welcome, Eva Alexandra
8lbs. 3oz.

Oh How We’ve Grown…

06/16/2009 10:14
My oldest and dearest friend, Julie, has been in town (from Texas) for the past week. We don’t get to see each other that often, but that never seems to matter. We always pick up right where we left off. Our friendship continues to grow as we discuss and exchange stories about motherhood, marriage, life…you know, girl stuff. I respect her as my friend and admire her as a mom, her boys are wonderful. I am so thankful for all of the time we’ve been able to spend her and the boys.

So, last night we had the whole gang over for a cook out and we got this picture of Julie, Myself, and all the kids. And while I’ve (obviously) known that its now Jaime and girls and Julie and boys, seeing this picture really made me see just how much we’ve grown. Look at all those kids!!

Now speaking of those wonderful boys… I just can’t say enough about them! They are kind, sweet, polite and funny!
The girls have had so much fun playing with them. And as you may have imagined, they loooove fussing over the baby boy.

Julie’s little boy is full of questions and energy and is so fun to be around.

Her big boy is full of knowledge and creativity and is so witty!
When he saw our minivan and said, “Is that your minivan? The front end looks just like a truck!”

The grandma’s were just oozing with joy. And now that I’m a mom, I can see why…happy daughters, wonderful families, great friends…I can only hope that my daughters will find a friendship as true and as lasting as I have found.

Silly. Silly. Silly.

06/12/2009 04:07

On my quest to find chemical-free “safe” sunscreen that won’t make my kids break out in a rash, we drove 25 minutes out of town to the only CVS that carried said sunscreen. Here is the conversation in the car…

Cate: Mommy, where are we going?

Mommy: To get new sunscreen.

Cate: Why do we need new sunscreen?

Mommy: This sunscreen is going to be better for you.

Cate: Will it smell like chocolate?

Mommy: Well, no. But that would be better.

Cate: Will it smell like elephant skin?

Mommy: I don’t think so.

Cate: Will it smell like mustard?

Mommy: …just laughs…

Cate: Well, what will it smell like?!

Oh, my funny girl. In case you were wondering…the new sunscreen had no smell to it and although it was
“extra-gentle-organic-foofy-foo-sunscreen”….it gave the girls a rash worse than they’ve ever had! Uh! >:-(

Here’s one more of her enjoying using my hair-twisty-thing.


The Bachelorette Party

06/08/2009 11:43
So, I’m finally getting around to blogging the Party. I think it’s taken me two weeks to do so because it’s taken me that long to recover! We had an awesome time in Charleston. We did the beach, the bars, had some great food and a fantastic girls weekend!
Now…just 12 more days until the wedding!

The Girls…Night One


The Big Night!



I just can’t say enough about my wonderful husband. He is always an amazing daddy, but he really handled my long weekend away beautifully. He even got the girls down to the lake, with their hair done and in matching outfits!!!
They had a great weekend together!

What I Learned At School

06/02/2009 04:29

On Saturday, my Father-In-Law and I attended a Photography Workshop and Atwood Lake.
We had a great time and here is what I learned.
1. I heart photography.
2. Gary is an awesome teacher.
3. I want more stuff (lenses, Photo Software, new challenges…)
4. I like taking pictures of faces.
5. Taking pictures is relaxing.
6. I’m not (quite) as clueless about photography as I thought I was.
7. I am having so much fun learning (and I still have a lot to learn)!!

Here are my favorites from the day.





Had a little fun editing this one…That’s “Capricious” at the Boater’s Beach.

The view of the lake from the Lodge.

I’m not sure why, but these two are some of my favorites of the day. Maybe it’s the texture of the table?
Or the color of the fruit? Or maybe its because it’s just a little silly?


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