{Nicholas}::Class of 2020

Another amazing senior! Nicholas is no stranger to my fun-filled-photo-sessions 🙂 he and his 4 brothers have been in front of my camera many times…I just still can’t believe this time was his SENIOR SESSION! Gah!

Nicholas is kind, smart, athletic, hard-working and humble. His mom, Mindy, and I both agreed that this was our most relaxed photo session ever…and so nice to spend some time with her oldest boy. As always, thank you both so much for trusting me with such important memories.

{Lauren}::Class of 2020

Lauren, her Mama and I had a blast shooting not 1 but 2 senior sessions. The first one was so much fun…until the rain started. Lauren is so darn sweet and so easy-going, making a Plan B was no big deal. Always, my favorite part of senior sessions is getting to talk with these young people. What a beautiful time for them…so many choices and directions to choose. I just love hearing all about it!

So, enjoy the lovely Lauren and her first session at Quail Hollow State Park!

So, we tried for quite some time to get back to Quail Hollow to finish this shoot, but the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. Because you know, Ohio. But then! Lauren’s family just happens to be friends with some kind folks, who just happen to own the most beautiful sunflower field around! And so at sunrise one morning WE MADE SOME MAGIC. Any legit photographer will tell you they would pick light over location any day. This second shoot was magic because we got BOTH…delicious light and a gooooorgeous location. I was super thankful to Lauren and her Mama for trusting me with this one…mother nature often makes us reschedule, but they hung in there with me until we found the most perfect day, and as you’ll see, it totally paid off.

Sooooo in love with this moody lighting…
I’m telling you guys, we were FEELIN’ IT!
Lauren, your session(s) were a dream for me! Thank you for being YOU…easy going, beautiful on the inside and out and SO much fun! Best of luck with Senior Year! Much love to you!

{Kate}::Class of 2020

I swear it was just yesterday that I was hanging out, shooting some senior pictures with Kate’s sister and brother…and now! Kate! Is! A! Senior! I adore all of Kate’s family, so getting to see her in front of my camera was so fun and super special. I can’t help but to look at these kids through the eyes of their parents…they have raised such amazing kids.

Kate has gorgeous eyes, an easy smile and is totally delightful to chat with. Kate, thank you for being so comfortable in front of my camera, for laughing with me and for such a fun evening. I hope you have an awesome Senior Year…I can’t wait to see what great things you’ll do! Much love to you!


{Luke}::Class of 2019

It was a true honor to spend some time with Luke and his mama, Sharon. Though Luke is so much more than his past, this was an especially important session because our man Luke here is 4 years cancer FREE!!  It was so fun to chat and laugh with Luke and his family throughout our session.  Luke is smart, easy going and quick to laugh (a quality I find most important). This was a special evening for all of us.  I can’t wait to see what an awesome future this young man has ahead of him.  Enjoy senior year, Luke!